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Hayleys Fabric

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

About Hayleys Fabric

  • R&D and Manufacturing

What it does: Hayleys Fabric, a subsidiary of Hayleys PLC, is a natural and synthetic textile manufacturer in Sri Lanka that produces over 2.5 million metres of different fabrics each month. 

Best known for: Hayleys Fabric is best known for providing textiles to multiple major global fashion brands such as Decathlon, BHS, Victoria’s Secret and more. 

Staff stats: Over 1,100 employees in Sri Lanka.

The good bits: The workplace environment is chill, friendly and a great place to build knowledge and experience for your career path.

The not so good bits: Both starting and senior-positions salaries are lower than usual for Sri Lanka. There’s also little opportunity for advancement within the fabric division (however, you can move up with one of the parent company's other subsidiaries).

Hiring grads with degrees in: Finance, Accounting, Business, IT & Computer Science, Human Resources, Chemistry, Mathematics, Sciences. 

The Hayleys Fabric story

Hayleys Fabric is a subsidiary of Hayleys PLC, a large holding conglomerate in Sri Lanka. The company began in 1994 and has since grown into a multimillion-dollar company, providing fabric to a variety of global fashion brands. The company can produce around 2.5 million meters of fabric every month, earning them a tidy annual profit of approximately USD 58m.

The recruitment process

You can apply for a position with Hayleys Fabric by using their online application or by applying through our website. After your application submission, the interview process typically involves one-to-one meetings with one or two members of senior management. Occasionally, depending on the position, you’ll have one final interview with the director of the company. Questions are relatively basic, revolving around your past experiences, personal strengths and weaknesses, and other general questions about the position for which you’re applying. The overall recruitment process can take between three to six weeks before receiving a final decision.

Career prospects

Hayleys Fabric claims to ‘invest in your development, both to equip you with the technical skills to do your current job and ensure you have a fulfilling, long-term career in line with your strengths and ambitions.’ They also hint at there being ample opportunities for growth: ‘the greatest aspect of working at Hayleys Fabric is the opportunity we offer to our employees to learn, grow, and contribute.’ Despite these claims, career prospects within the company are reportedly minimal and don’t come around too often. However, if you can’t find a position you’d enjoy (or can’t find one in general) at Hayleys Fabric, you do have the opportunity to move to one of the parent company's many subsidiaries, which occupy a variety of industries in Sri Lanka.


New job positions at Hayleys can be hard to come by, especially if you’re aiming for a senior position. Of the jobs that are available at the company, past employees report less income in comparison to similar positions at different companies. On the other hand, some jobs pay quite well compared to the average in Sri Lanka. For example, a software engineer can earn an average of LKR 1.19m (USD 6,615) annually, while a production executive can earn upwards of LKR 3m (USD 16,611) annually.

The culture

Hayleys Fabric provides a friendly and chill environment for employees. In fact, the workplace atmosphere is the primary reason employees tend to stay with the company. Putting aside the fact that moving up within the company is seemingly tricky, ingrained in the culture is an optimistic willingness to provide extensive knowledge into your respective field of choice.

Social contributions

Being a manufacturing company, Hayleys Fabric has an inherent ethical obligation to keep its massive output from affecting nearby communities and ecosystems. The company does take steps to reduce its environmental footprint by focusing on reducing its overall emissions. Hayleys Fabric consistently evaluates every aspect of their emission-impact, from greenhouse gas emissions to wastewater disposal. The company was awarded a 'Presidential Environmental Green Award' by the Central Environmental Authority because of its continued adherence to sustainable practices. 

General vibe of the place

The general vibe of Hayleys Fabric is a reportedly (and noticeably) friendly work environment filled with laid-back people. However, there are not many opportunities for advancement or job openings in general. Still, they do offer an interesting career path with opportunities to transfer to other companies under the Hayleys PLC wing.

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